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Download Official Huawei PC Suite (Latest Version)

Are you a Huawei device user? If yes, then you might be thinking of the particular software that should ease you with your smartphone. In this post, you are going to download the official Huawei PC Suite also known as HiSuite.

HiSuite is all in one software that contains a lot of features inside. You can play around with different features of HiSuite by just one click. It’s simple and easy to use software. Simply, proceed to download it from the download section below.

Further, follow the instructions to install Huawei PC Suite on your computer.

Download Huawei PC Suite (HiSuite) Latest

For Windows

File NameFile Size
Huawei PC Suite (HiSuite) WindowsOS41.9 MB

For macOS

File NameFile Size
Huawei PC Suite (HiSuite) macOS41.9 MB

Instructions To Install

  • Simply, download the above Huawei Suite for your particular operating system whether you are running on macOS or Windows OS. Download the HiSuite accordingly to your operating system.
  • Now, run the file in order to start the installation process.
  • Further, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once, the installation is complete, then run the Huawei Hi Suite.
  • Simply, connect your Huawei smartphone and you will the Huawei Suite will automatically detect your smartphone.
  • Now, enjoy all the features of Huawei Suite and perform any operation on your Huawei smartphone by just one click.

About Huawei PC Suite (HiSuite)

Huawei PC Suite

Huawei PC Suite is a software tool that enables you to compose and view SMS message. With the help of this PC Suite, you can manage the music and photos in your mobile. This mobile management software helps you export the contents from your mobile to PC and from PC to your mobile. Thus, Huawei PC Suite helps to develop a manageable interface between the computer and PC.

Huawei PC Suite is jampacked with multiple features. Some of them include:

  • Easy use of apps on your PC right from your phone.
  • Transfer of messages from your PC.
  • Play mobile games on your PC.
  • View various notifications concurrently.
  • It helps you in transferring of files to the mobile.
  • Helps you in recovery of data.
  • It also contains a feature of One-Click root.
  • Additionally, you can upgrade or your downgrade your Huawei smartphone.
  • You can access all the files and folders on your computer of your Huawei smartphone using HiSuite.
  • With HiSuite, you can easily manage the content of your Huawei smartphone on your computer.
  • Simply, Sync all your apps and data to your Windows OS and you will have the back-up data saved on your computer.
  • Moreover, you can install or uninstall the apps directly from your Huawei smartphone using HiSuite software.

Huawei PC suite is composed of a patterned structure. It consists of an organized layout. The mobile’s storage capacity is displayed on the home screen. It also enables you to have a view at the storage card. You can also check how much space is being occupied by images, music, movies etc. It does not give a notion about the space occupied by downloaded apps.

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