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Tutorial On How To Enable RCS Messaging in Android Smartphones

Android Being an open source, users of android are always in search to experience and taste the feelings of new features. As all the big names in technology includes integration with android to some extent.

Now, Google is almost ready to bring RCS (Rich communication service) messaging feature to Android. Recently it was released for some android smartphone, as some users of android have started receiving chat features option in android official messaging app. Don’t worry, Android users, who are reading this article will also be able to use the new features in message app.


Good news for android users, now its time to upgrade the old messaging app and enjoy the latest and new features using RCS messaging feature. Using RCS, you will be able to enjoy new and a lot more features in android messaging app. The features of RCS has quite resemblance with messenger app features. If your device is RCS supported, then you will be able to see the “Chat” feature in android messaging app.

Be happy and continue reading this article, we will show you how to enable the chat feature in android messaging app. Simply follow the below method.

Guide To Enable RCS Chat Feature on Android Message App

If your smartphone is RCS supported, then you will surely be able to enable the chat feature on your android messaging app by following the below steps:

  1. You need to force stop the android messaging app. To do that, go to “settings” on your phone and then tap on “Apps”.
  2. In apps, locate the “message app” and tap on it. After that, tap on the “force stop” option.
  3. After that, uninstall the message app. To do that, open the playstore and navigate to “my apps & games” and uninstall the “message app” updates.
  4. Then install the latest updates for your message app on playstore.
  5. After installing the latest message app update on your android smartphone, then simply open the message app.
  6. When the message app gets open, you will see the “chat” feature enabled on your message app and also the RCS message pop-up.
  7. There is also an alternate to use the chat feature by installing Textra app. By using Textra app, you will be able to see a chat feature enabled in message app.

That’s all, by following the above steps, you will enjoy the new features on your message app. If you face any problem while following the above steps, simply comment us. We will help you out of this problem.

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